Commissioning of a solar cold room on a wholesale market in Segou, Mali

Our partner DOLO Refrigeration in Bamako has installed a solar cold room on site II of the ex-bus-terminal market, where a dozen of fishmonger women, wholesalers and semi-wholesalers operate.
As part of the EU’s “PRORESA” program (Program to strengthen food security in Mali) implemented by Enabel, the Belgian development agency, the beneficiary fishmongers have previously been trained in the use of this equipment.

The current study on the flow of fresh fish estimates that 2,450 tons / year of fresh fish arrive in Ségou, of which 25% are redirected to Bamako.
The wholesale and semi-wholesale activities carried out in Segou require the temporary storage of fresh fish on the market sites. The cold room was sized to be able to permanently store up to 1.6 tons of fresh fish at 2°C. It is entirely powered by a field of solar panels. The fresh fish is stored there in stackable bins, under ice in order to reduce post-catch losses and overall increase the added value created within the sector.