Solar-powered refrigerators and freezers

FREECOLD solar-powered refrigerators and freezers, preserve foodstuffs using the energy of the Sun

Cooling foodstuffs to preserve them before eating or selling them is a necessity. However, in areas not yet connected to a reliable electricity grid, it is still a luxury today.

FREECOLD solves this problem by selling solar-powered refrigerators and freezers.

The principle

As soon as the Sun appears, even for a few minutes, the system produces cold. The only energy consumed is solar energy via a photovoltaic panel. Our process makes it possible to use this energy to supply a compressor directly without a battery or voltage regulator. The electronic management module, with variable input voltage 10/42 VDC, allows the refrigeration unit to be operational as soon as a the Sun appears.

The refrigerators and freezers of the FREECOLD® range have a A++ class superior insulation quality. They are also equipped with an aluminum inner tank for a better distribution of cold in the enclosure.

These features allow our solar refrigerators and freezers to be of SN-T climate class. They have been specially designed to operate in extreme temperature conditions up to 43°C. They are therefore perfectly adapted to the tropical and desert climates present in Africa and South America for example.

High modularity

Most of our refrigerators and freezers can also work with a hybrid power supply. They can be powered:

  • In direct solar with electricity storage by 12/24 VDC solar lead batteries
  • Via the 220 VAC electricity grid, when available

Some of our products go even further and produce battery-less refrigeration. Here, solar energy is stored in the form of cold using to a specially designed eutectic module: the FREECOLD Ecotainer®. This innovation allows for the storage and delayed redistribution of cold. As a matter of fact, it is slowly diffused during the night or during days without Sun in order to keep an optimal temperature of conservation. Everything has been designed to optimize the distribution of cold in the inner tank by confining it around the eutectic container. This original set, core of the FREECOLD® system is subject to industrial protection by a patent.

Delivery and warranty

Our refrigerators and freezers are delivered pre-loaded and ready to install. The photovoltaic installation is optional. For any question, contact us!

The warranty is 1 year, parts and labor included.

FREECOLD® solar-powered refrigerators and freezers

RSI-180 battery-less solar refrigerator

Réfrigérateur solaire sans batterie FREECOLD RSI-180

The FREECOLD RSI-180 direct solar refrigerator has a net volume of 155 L and a very good thermal insulation.

Its main feature: it is directly connected to a photovoltaic module without additional electronics! This innovative system makes it possible to do without batteries or inverter, costly and with a limited lifespan.

The excess energy of the day is transformed and stored, not in batteries, but in a cold accumulator built into the heart of the evaporator: the FREECOLD Ecotainer. This cold is then slowly diffused in the refrigerator during the night and days without sun. This allows to maintain the quality of the cold in autonomy for 3 to 4 days depending on the ambient temperature.

Download the RSI-180 datasheet


FREECOLD FrigoMobile, an ideal solar-powered street vending cart

The FREECOLD® FrigoMobile is a solar-powered street vending cart, the ideal solution for developing a micro-enterprise in rural or peri-urban areas without reliable electricity grid. An actual wheeled refrigerator, it adapts especially to the street vending of fresh or frozen products on markets and tourist places.

The FrigoMobile is sold with:

  • a RSI-180 battery-less solar refrigerator,
  • a handcart
  • a 240 Wc photovoltaic module,
  • a Solar Energy kit to get light,
  • a USB Duo kit for charging mobile phones

FREECOLD makes the cart plans freely available but can also deliver the complete trolley, assembled or in kit form.

Download the FrigoMobile datasheet

FREECOLD® battery-powered solar refrigerators and freezers

RCSI-180 and RCSI-300 chest refrigerators / freezers

FREECOLD RCSI-300 solar-powered chest refrigerator / freezer

The FREECOLD RCSI-180 and RCSI-300 chest refrigerators and freezers have a respective net volume of 175 and 300 L.

They can be used either as refrigerators or as freezers, depending on your needs.

Their main power input comes from a photovoltaic solar installation. The energy required for operation at night and on days without sun is provided by 12, 24 or 36 V batteries.

An embedded digital controller allows you to display and program the temperature according to your needs.

Download the RCSI-180 datasheet, and the one of the RCSI-300

RCVI-360 upright refrigerator / freezer

FREECOLD RCVI-360 solar-powered upright refrigerator / freezer

The FREECOLD RCVI-360 upright fridge and freezer can as well be used as a refrigerator or as a freezer, depending on your needs.

On each of the 7 glass shelves, an unbreakable plastic drawer makes it possible to better preserve the cold when the door is open. With a net volume of 360 L, the RCVI-360 is 100% solar-powered and use 24 or 36 V batteries for energy-storage.

An embedded digital controller allows you to display and program the temperature according to your needs.

Download the RCVI-360 datasheet

CRC-195 and CRC-295 combined refrigerator and freezer

FREECOLD CRC-295, a solar powered combined refrigerator-freezer

The FREECOLD CRC-195 and CRC-295 combined refrigerator-freezers allow to combine refrigeration and freezer compartments in a single unit.

With a respective net volume of 195 and 295 L, they are 100% solar-powered and use 12 or 24 V batteries for energy-storage.

Download the CRC-195 datasheet and the one of the CRC-295

FREECOLD® 3-way refrigerators and freezers

FREECOLD RFO-85 3-ways solar refrigerator

The FREECOLD RFO-85 refrigerator as well as the CFO-65 freezer are 3-way products. This means that they can be connected simultaneously to three different power supply sources: photovoltaics, 230 V grid and 12 or 24 V external battery. Switching from one source to another is automatic, with priority for photovoltaics.

They both have a good net volume: 85 L for the refrigerator and 65 L for the freezer. Their main advantage however lies in their small width of 47.5 cm. This extreme compactness adapts perfectly to all domestic and leisure applications (motorhomes, caravans, pleasure boats, …).

They are also very well suited for storing vaccines and medicines in tropical areas where the power grid is subject to frequent breakdowns.

Download the datasheet of the FREECOLD 3-way products

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