A new off-grid solar kit at Lake Salagou, for even more cold drinks

A 5kW off-grid solar kit has just been installed at Wind34 at Lake Salagou, located between Millau and Beziers, to meet the growth of its business. It will power a beer pump from the Brasserie du Larzac (Larzac brewery produces organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized craft beers!), and a fresh lemonade dispenser until late at night.

Already equipped with 5 FREECOLD freezers and refrigerators (powered by 24V) acquired over the last 10 years, Wind34 will be able to gradually switch its future equipment to 230V.

This kit includes a 5kW hybrid inverter, a 2.5kW solar power supply, 5kWh lithium battery storage and electrical safety boxes, DC on the photovoltaic input and AC on the 230V output.

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