A solar refrigeration container for Hua Huka in the Marquesas Islands

A solar cold room integrated into a 20′ container is ready for shipping to Hua Huka, an island in the Marquesas archipelago in French Polynesia

Kokioho’s Workshop, founded by Mrs Leila Liberge, is an agro-food processing company for coconut and tropical fruits. The Workshop aims to increase local food security by relying on the processing of agricultural surpluses. While reducing the ecological footprint of food imports and stimulating local employment.

The rooftop solar panels, with a power of 5.4kWp, power a three-phase hybrid inverter, which will be able to supply the surplus energy produced to the local electricity grid.

The container includes a 10m3 positive cold room to store harvested fruit and processed products (yoghurt, milk, cream, pasteurized coconut water, and fruit juice and compote) on shelves and a 360-litre freezer for a small production of coconut ice cream and fruit sorbets.

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