An innovative green-tech company, FREECOLD designs and manufactures in France solutions for direct solar cooling

  • Coolers, freezers and air-conditioners perfectly suited for sunny areas
  • Powered from either direct sun (without battery), or solar batteries, or by hybridising sun and grid, but the photovoltaic power supply always first
  • A design resulting of a major R&D program, for hard environments and operating conditions
  • A patented technology to guarantee quality cooling for up to 4 days without sun
  • Suitable for many uses
    • residential
    • food-processing: fish, market gardening, preservation of crops, dairy sector…
    • commercial: catering, distribution and sales of foodstuffs, including outdoor markets …
    • medical and veterinary: refrigeration of vaccines and drugs …
    • tourism: camping, caravanning, recreation areas, marinas

Sun energy to produce cold

Every day, the Sun sends several dozen times the energy consumed by Man in a year. This fact allows us to benefit from a free and almost unlimited energy, we just have to empower it!

This energy is particularly abundant in Africa, where 30 to 40% of crops are lost before sale due to a lack of quick access to refrigeration and where the demand for refrigeration for the economic development is increasing sharply. FREECOLD innovations applied to cold roomsmilk tanks, refrigerators and air-conditioners perfectly meet these needs!

A simple and easily adjustable operation

We design and manufacture our solar cooling systems with proven and particularly energy-efficient components.

We deliver our solutions complete, pre-loaded in refrigerant, pre-wired, protected by multiple security devices, including their photovoltaic power supply, solar panels and power electronics. Everything is done to make their installation and commissioning easy, even by non-specialists.

FREECOLD is present in more than 30 countries through a network of distributors to respond as closely as possible to essential refrigeration needs for health and economic development.

Latest news

Our solar-powered mini liquid tank is a finalist in the Intersolar Award 2022

Our battery-free, self-contained solar refrigerated mini-tank is a finalist in the Intersolar Award 2022 innovation competition. It is a great pride for Freecold to be selected by The smarter E Europe, the European platform for innovation in energy, as an innovative and efficient solution to reconcile economy and ecology, in addition to the particularly positive […]

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7 duo freezers for hospitals in Togo

7 FREECOLD freezers have been delivered and installed by our Beninese partner Noella Technologie in 7 hospitals in Togo, in Lomé, Tsévié, Atakpamé, Sokodé, Kara and Dapaong. Each freezer is equipped with a Duo electronic module that prioritises solar power but automatically switches to a second power source, the 230V network, if the batteries are […]

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Intersolar 2022

FREECOLD will participate in the Intersolar 2022 exhibition in Munich, from May 11 to 13, and presents its direct solar refrigerated mini tank in the “Intersolar AWARD” innovation competition. Intersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry. It takes place as part of The smarter E Europe – the continent’s largest platform […]

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The new FREECOLD catalog is available

You can download the 2022 catalog now in the documentation tab at the top of this page, or here.

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FREECOLD was present at Energaïa 2021

FREECOLD participated in the European Renewable Energy Forum Energaïa in Montpellier on 8 and 9 December 2021 on the Derbi Pavilion! The opportunity for fruitful meetings with our partners from the Occitanie Region, suppliers and customers interested in FREECOLD solar photovoltaic cooling solutions!

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Installation of two 80m3 solar cold rooms in Mopti, Mali

To complete the work on the new fishing port of Mopti on the Niger River, our partner DOLO Froid in Bamako is installing two solar cold rooms that will be operated by fishmonger organisations (wholesalers who buy fish products locally and ship them to fish merchants in the capital Bamako). These cold rooms have a […]

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Presentation of the 100% solar milk and liquid mini-tank at the Summit of livestock farming (Sommet de l’Elevage)

First official release of our latest innovation during the Sommet de l’Elevage in Clermont-Ferrand: the mini milk and liquid tank 100% solar with a capacity of 50L. Among the many meetings during this event, Sudan was represented by its Minister of Livestock and its Ambassador in France, who honored us by visiting our stand to […]

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FREECOLD at the SPACE 2021 livestock fair

Several African delegations were present at the SPACE 2021 livestock fair. Christian Cesbron, in charge of development in Africa, is here with Mr. Modibo Keita, Malian Minister of Rural Development (Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries), to consolidate our relationship.

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MILKOOL: a new European brand for FREECOLD solar milk cooling tanks and dairy equipment

Logo Milkool

Under this brand, we group together all FREECOLD 100% solar products for dairies, milk cooling tanks, pasteurizers, ..

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Discover the latest FREECOLD innovation: the 50-liter autonomous solar mini tank

FREECOLD launches its 100% solar refrigeration tank specially designed for small producers of milk, juices or drinks . Unbreakable shockproof outer body; Battery-free operation for rapid profitability! A FREECOLD Ecotainer to ensure evening milking’ cooling and cold quality during the night; Impeccable hygiene with the UV-C lamp to disinfect the tank in a few minutes […]

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Rencontres Africa

Freecold participated on April 8 in Rencontres Africa, the most important business convention between French executives and African business leaders, on the theme of energy in Africa. Freecold was selected to speak in the workshop “cold and agriculture”. We presented the solar cold room to hundreds of participants and in particular to all the African […]

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The FrigoMobile drives the Maroua market in Cameroon

The FrigoMobile drives the Maroua market in the far north of Cameroon. Its photovoltaic panel simultaneously powers the sound system placed in the trunk and under the green parasol. When the FrigoMobile also becomes DiscoMobile! Our distributor SOCACEC IES spread out throughout Cameroon and Chad from Maroua, a university town of more than 1 million […]

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Discover our “all in 1” mobile solar refrigeration containers

Our cold rooms can now be housed in 20’ or 40’ containers for refrigeration and storage of crops, meat, or fish, directly at the edge of fields, livestock breeding or fishing areas. Movable on a truck, easy to install and to commission, with their rooftop solar plant serving as a shade, these autonomous mobile units […]

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FREECOLD 85 3-way refrigerator: a customer feedback

“Installed on my sailboat, this refrigerator has given me complete satisfaction since 2011. Its consumption of less than 4 A is easily compensated by a 120 W photovoltaic panel fixed on a gantry. It is assisted at anchorage by a flexible mobile photovoltaic panel of 100 W, the 2 panels then ensuring all the electrical […]

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Commissioning of a solar cold room on a wholesale market in Segou, Mali

Our partner DOLO Refrigeration in Bamako has installed a solar cold room on site II of the ex-bus-terminal market, where a dozen of fishmonger women, wholesalers and semi-wholesalers operate.As part of the EU’s “PRORESA” program (Program to strengthen food security in Mali) implemented by Enabel, the Belgian development agency, the beneficiary fishmongers have previously been […]

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