An innovative green-tech company, FREECOLD designs and manufactures in France solutions for direct solar cooling

  • Coolers, freezers and air-conditioners perfectly suited for sunny areas which are not connected to reliable grid
  • Powered from either direct sun (without battery), or solar batteries, or by hybridising sun and grid, but the photovoltaic power supply always first
  • A design resulting of a major R&D program, for hard environments and operating conditions
  • A patented technology to guarantee quality cooling for up to 4 days without sun
  • Suitable for many uses
    • residential
    • food-processing: fish, market gardening, preservation of crops, dairy sector…
    • commercial: catering, distribution and sales of foodstuffs, including outdoor markets …
    • medical and veterinary: refrigeration of vaccines and drugs…

Sun energy to produce cold

Every day, the Sun sends several dozen times the energy consumed by Man in a year. This fact allows us to benefit from a free and almost unlimited energy, we just have to empower it!

This energy is particularly abundant in Africa, where 30 to 40% of crops are lost before sale due to a lack of quick access to refrigeration and where the demand for refrigeration for the economic development is increasing sharply. FREECOLD innovations applied to cold roomsmilk tanks,refrigerators and air-conditioners perfectly meet these needs!

A simple and easily adjustable operation

The solar refrigeration systems designed and manufactured by FREECOLD are equipped with proven and particularly energy-efficient components.

Our solutions are delivered complete, pre-loaded in refrigerant, pre-wired, protected by multiple security devices, including their photovoltaic power supply, solar panels and power electronics. Everything is done to make their installation and commissioning easy, even by non-specialists. FREECOLD is present in more than 30 countries through a network of distributors to respond as closely as possible to essential refrigeration needs for health and economic development

Latest news

FREECOLD has moved to

34 chemin de l’Echut, local 6, 31770 Colomiers, France, to more functional premises for better working conditions for our teams and more efficient service to our customers. We have some problems with the telephone line, but you can reach us by email or at +33 (0) 6 84 91 46 32

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A 4th FREECOLD refrigerator for Wind 34 at Lake Salagou in Southern France

Wind 34 has installed its 4th FREECOLD solar refrigerator in its shady hut on the shores of Lake Salagou, near the Haut Languedoc Nature Park. This beautiful area of relaxation and activities offers walkers and holidaymakers, pedalos, paddle boards, canoes and …  Salagou’s coolest drinks! Wind 34 installed its first FREECOLD refrigerator in 2013, and […]

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FARM – Agricultural Productivity: Half a century in the mirror. And tomorrow ?

“Agricultural productivity: half a century in the mirror And tomorrow?”. Article originally published in French as “Productivité agricole : un demi-siècle dans le rétroviseur. Et demain ?” on the blog FARM (Foundation for Agriculture and Rurality in the World) on 10/15/2019. Agricultural Productivity: Half a century in the mirror. And tomorrow ? By Jean-Christophe Debar, […]

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Recap on the 2019 SIALY showroom in Yaounde

Le stand commun FREECOLD-SOCACEC IES au SIALY 2019

Many of you came to meet us at the SIALY showroom, which took place from 1st to 7th July 2019 in Yaoundé (Cameroon). At our joint stand with SOCOTEC IES, FREECOLD distributor in Cameroon, you were able to discover our different solar refrigeration products, cold rooms and FrigoMobile in particular. Among the visitors were also several personalities, […]

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FREECOLD will be at the SIALY exhibition in Yaoundé (Cameroon) from July 1st to 7th!

FREECOLD products at SIALY FREECOLD solar refrigeration products at the International Exhibition of Agriculture and Agri-Food of Yaoundé (SIALY)! Come meet Lionel Bataille, from FREECOLD and Toto Boukar, from our distributor in Cameroon, SOCACEC IES. You will be able to discover our FREECOLD range, particularly the FrigoMobile for refrigerated street vending and our solar-powered cold […]

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