Solar air-conditioners

COLDINNOV sells several models of split solar air conditioners. With a robust and proven design, they can cool the indoor air of a home or business premises even in the absence of a reliable power grid.

Observation: air conditioning usage is growing more and more in the world; the pollution it generates, too

Who has never dreamt of a bit of fresh air during a heatwave? With global warming and the increase in average incomes in emerging countries, air conditioning is growing very fast all over the world. The resulting sharp increase in electricity consumption will, according to the International Energy Agency, will lead to a doubling of CO2 emissions induced by air conditioning between 2016 and 2050.

Similarly, in areas with little to no electricity grid, air conditioning is most often provided by generators, that are polluting and noisy.

The FREECOLD solar air conditioning partly overcomes these problems. Our modular and easy-to-install solution offers access to cool air while avoiding the use of a non-existent or polluting electrical installation. Both domestic and professional premises can, thanks to FREECOLD, now be air-conditioned using the free energy of the Sun!

DC/AC Hybrid solar air-conditioners CMS12.H and CMS18.H

FREECOLD hybrid solar air-conditioner

FREECOLD hybrid air-conditioners operate from two sources of electricity: photovoltaic as a priority and the electricity grid as a backup and when there is no more sun, with an automatic switching of sources without cutting off power supply. They can be used in air conditioning mode as well as in heating or dehumidification modes.

The photovoltaic panels and the 230V grid power supply connects directly to the outdoor unit. It incorporates a dual MPPT tracker to make the best use of available solar energy and minimize the use of the electricity grid.

Seasonal refrigeration efficiency (SEER), which represents the cooling output of the air conditioner over what it costs on the electricity bill, can reach a factor of 36 W/W or 120 BTU/W according to the European standard EN14825: the electricity bill is reduced, and the planet feels better.

When the sun shines, hybrid air conditioners operate 100% on the photovoltaic source.

FREECOLD hybrid air conditioners are of energy class A +++ and offer 3,500 W (12,000 BTU) or 5,000 W (18,000 BTU) of air conditioning as well as heating.

Energy savings are there, both in summer and winter: in Dakar, where the sun shines 3000h/year, the annual electricity savings amount to 600,000 FCFA (900€) and the investment is paid back in 2.5 years, not counting the comfort of air conditioning during power cuts or the cost of operating a backup diesel generator; in Marseille, where the sun shines for 1000 hours during the heating months and 1000 hours during summer, the annual savings amount to 480€ and the payback time is 4 years.

Download the datasheet for our CMS12.H and CMS18.H hybrid solar air-conditioners

Off-Grid DC 48V solar air conditioners CMS09, CMS12 and CMS18

 FREECOLD  DC 48V solar air-conditioner

FREECOLD autonomous air conditioners operate directly using DC 48V voltage from photovoltaics and batteries, without converting energy into AC 230V power and therefore without loss of efficiency.

When the sun is shining, our air conditioners are powered by the photovoltaic source which simultaneously recharges batteries. A MPPT controller optimizes this charge with an efficiency greater than 95%.

Autonomy is ensured by maintenance-free AGM solar batteries made in Germany. Their capacity is defined according to the chosen air-conditioner and the desired autonomy; as standard, the 5-hour autonomy is dedicated to shops and offices that need to be refreshed during the day; the 12-hour autonomy is intended for domestic use, allowing refreshment day and night.

Thus, FREECOLD 100% solar air conditioners offer those who work and live where there is no grid power supply or where electricity is unsteady and expensive, to enjoy air-conditioning economically and freely.

Their rugged and proven design ensures optimal operation even in the tropics, up to 50°C outdoor temperature.

To limit the cost of the solar powerplant, our air-conditioners are energy class A+++, guaranteeing low power consumption and optimal performance. They are also designed to ensure maximum acoustic comfort. Both the power of the solar powerplant and the capacity of the batteries are adjusted according to whether the use will be professional (air-conditioning during the day) or domestic (air-conditioning in the evening after sunset).

Download the datasheet for our 100% solar-powered CMS09, CMS12 and CMS18 air-condioners


The solar air conditioners come pre-charged with R410a refrigerant. Its 2 units, indoor and outdoor, are easily connected thanks to a mounting plate and an installation support designed to facilitate the connections of fittings.

Maintenance and service are also facilitated by easy access to the filters and the removable frame for quick access to the fan.

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