Solar-powered cold room

FREECOLD solar cold room

Modular in design, our cold rooms generally have a capacity of 10 to 50 m3, in positive or negative temperature. Tailor-made projects are also possible, such as the FREECOLD cold room at Cotonou airport (Benin), which is capable of cooling 12 metric tons of pineapples every day on over 100 m3.

Our solar-powered cold room meets the requirements of different sectors, agri-food, commercial, medical, veterinary, … for storage of fruit or vegetable crops, meat, fish and even frozen products. Between 200 kg and 2.000 kg of food can be cooled daily using the free energy of the Sun!

Our cold rooms are SN-T climate class. They have been specially designed to operate in extreme temperature conditions, up to 43 °C.

  • Thermal losses are reduced due to a reinforced 100 mm thick insulation and a door equipped with a strip curtain to limit heat input.
  • Photovoltaic panels are coupled to storage batteries to smooth the intermittences of the solar source. The hybrid converter allows coupling to the grid or to a generator for an emergency power.
  • Optional reinforced floor and sturdy shelves for meat, fish, and dairy uses

Our cold rooms are delivered as a complete kit:

  • Insulating panels, easy to assemble thanks to a 100% plug-in system,
  • The refrigeration unit, delivered ready to install,
  • Photovoltaic solar panels of European origin and their fixings,
  • Maintenance-free AGM or OPzV solar batteries of European origin,
  • The electrical cabinet for managing the power supply and electrical safety devices,
  • Wiring and all assembly, fixing and sealing accessories.

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“All in 1” mobile solar refrigeration containers

We integrate also cold rooms in 20’ or 40’ containers for the cooling and storage of crops, meat or fish directly at the edge of fields, livestock breeding or fishing areas.
The container is shipped with its cold room installed and connected to the electrical energy management and electrical safety cabinet.
Movable on a truck, with its rooftop solar plant serving as a shade, the containerized cold room can be placed outdoors on level ground and is commissioned easily in a few hours, without drilling or welding to be carried out on site.

  • About 4 tonnes of foodstuffs can be stored in a 20′ solar refrigerated container
  • About 10 tonnes of foodstuffs can be stored in a 40′ solar refrigerated container

Download the presentation sheet of FREECOLD solar refrigerated containers

We design all the components we use to fulfill your requirement: the solar plant, the capacity of the room, the thickness of insulation, the energy storage by batteries, the energy management and the power of the refrigeration unit.
To size and quote a new project, we must know:

• The commissioning place or the mean ambient temperature.
• The daily flow of food to cool down and the entry temperature of the food.
• The type of food: meat, fish, eggs, medicine, fruits & vegetables…

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The FREECOLD solar ice-making room: make ice using the Sun!

FREECOLD solar-powered ice-making cold room, photovoltaic solar cooling
FREECOLD solar-powered ice-makers meet a major need for the conservation of food in Africa

The need for ice is daily around the world for refreshing beverages, but it is also especially needed to preserve fragile food such as meat or fish.

The lack of a reliable electricity grid makes its supply uncertain and turns it into a valuable asset. Keeping food in good conditions then becomes difficult. This results in a food wastage and a loss of profits for producers and resellers.

The FREECOLD solar-powered ice-maker meets this need for ice by making its production and conservation possible at low costs thanks to solar energy!

Capable of producing every day 200 kg of ice bags a day, our ice-making room can also create a new economic activity of ice production, for a village or roadside sale. This high profitability activity guarantees a quick return on investment of less than 2 years.

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