Discover the latest FREECOLD innovation: the 50-liter autonomous solar mini tank

FREECOLD launches its 100% solar refrigeration tank specially designed for small producers of milk, juices or drinks .

  • Unbreakable shockproof outer body;
  • Battery-free operation for rapid profitability!
  • A FREECOLD Ecotainer to ensure evening milking’ cooling and cold quality during the night;
  • Impeccable hygiene with the UV-C lamp to disinfect the tank in a few minutes over 99% bacteria and viruses;
  • Easy to transport, install and commission;
  • Delivered with 3 solar panels that can be used as shade or shelter for sale.

Download the presentation sheet of the solar mini tank

For any order of a FREECOLD solar mini tank before September 30, 2021, benefit from a 10% discount on our price list