FREECOLD solar-powered cold rooms for fishermen of the Comoros!

Two 12 m3 FREECOLD solar-powered cold-rooms are going to be installed near the open air market of Moroni (Comoros). They will be mainly used to preserve fish from local fishing that are waiting to be sold in the market.

A FREECOLD customer since 2013, our partner Mr. Hachim Saïd came to Toulouse to learn how to assemble and maintain our solar-powered cold rooms. He also had the chance to rediscover our other FREECOLD products.

After the success of the great FREECOLD cold room at the Cotonou airport (Benin) at the beginning of the year, this new success is a good omen for 2019!

Pay-as-you-go solar cold rooms:

Mr. Hachim Saïd’s cold rooms will be placed in an open air market of the Comorian capital, Moroni. Its innovative concept consists in placing individual lockers inside, and to rent them to fish, fruit and vegetable sellers. This system will guarantee the freshness of the sold products and thus avoid waste and financial losses. It also ensures profitability and a quick return on investment of the installation.

This new use of solar cold rooms in Africa is expected to develop widely in the years to come, due to growing demand. This is driven by major issues of food security and development of agriculture and local economies.

Indeed in Africa, 40% of produced food is wasted before reaching its customers due to a lack of suitable refrigeration infrastructures. FREECOLD therefore fights against this waste by offering refrigeration and freezing solutions that are autonomous, solar-powered and adapted to tropical climatic conditions.

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