Africa Eco-Resp, a new FREECOLD distributor in Congo and the DRC!

Africa Eco-Resp logo, FREECOLD distributor in Congo and the DRC

FREECOLD solar refrigeration products are now available at Africa Eco-Resp!

Located in Brazzaville (Republic of Congo), this new distributor is specialized in renewable energies and e-waste recycling. FREECOLD thus expands its offer in Congo and the DRC, allowing ever easier access to solar and autonomous refrigeration.

Africa Eco-Resp, a company with multiple eco-friendly activities

Africa Eco-Resp intervenes in Congo Brazzaville and in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for:

  • The installation and maintenance of autonomous solar power systems
  • The recycling of e-waste, highly polluting if not treated
  • Accompanying companies to improve their commercial, economic and ecological policies.

These diversified skills bring concrete solutions to local problems of waste management and decentralized energy needs. The company is thus helping to reduce the energy and digital divides that are very present in Congo and the DRC.

Africa Eco-Resp, distributeur des produits de réfrigération solaire FREECOLD au Congo et en RDC

Discover the FREECOLD solar and autonomous products: cold room, milk tanks, refrigerators with and without batteries, air-conditioning